Пейджер (ресивер) Carp Sounder Receiver XRS energy+

Производитель: Carp Sounder
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Пейджер (ресивер) Carp Sounder Receiver XRSenergy+. RECEIVER XRS energy+ - NEW 2018

Our new XRS Energy Plus Receiver is a stand-alone product designed specifically for long-term fishing for carp and catfish.

The product features are tuned very precisely to the specialized angler, which requires an extremely high battery life.
Thus, this innovative product can reach several months of battery life.
In long-term tests, our team anglers have fished with a set of batteries up to a ¾ year.
The fishing times were huge in these tests and it was every weekend, partly in the week and on long-term sessions up to four weeks durchge.
The Energy Plus Receiver has the same features as our XRS receiver.
The radio reception range is approximately 120 m for the XRS Energy Plus Receiver.
The XRS Energy Plus Receiver is compatible with our ROC XRS electronic bite indicators and all Catsounder XRS models.
The use with our Campsecure is of course also possible, however, with this monitoring system the high range of the XRS receiver should be preferred.

The high practicality for long-term anglers makes this radio receiver to a reliable companion in all situations on the water

- Reception range approx. 120 m
- digital technology
- 4 LEDs in very light version
- System First Run Control
- System Transmission Control
- Integrated antenna
- Volume control through sound disc
- Waterproof construction
- Compact housing (100 x 60 x 28 mm)
- With metal clip for attachment in bivvy or clothing
- Extremely low battery consumption
- Battery: 4 pieces LR03 1.5 V

Digital menu guide.
Digital volume adjustment, additional volume setting via sound disc.
Flashlight function and additional white bite indication function (can be switched off and on).
Vibration (can be switched off and on).
Fall bite detection by acoustic and visual display.
1: 1 playback.
Delivery incl. 4 x 1.5 V AAA LR03 batteries.
Battery life several months.
Extremely robust and stable housing.

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