Пейджер (ресивер) Carp Sounder Receiver XRS ACC

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Пейджер (ресивер) Carp Sounder Receiver XRS ACC. RECEIVER XRS ACC - NEW 2018

The latest technology and digital radio control in the new RECEIVER XRS ACC set standards in bite detection.
A greatly increased battery life of up to several months, pitch transmission from the ROCXRS bite indicator to the XRS ACC receiver, LED color transmission from the ROCXRS bite indicator to the XRS ACC receiver and an increased radio reception range of over 300 m make the XRS ACC receiver a technical highlight.
The latest Carpsounder invention "ACC" is used for the first time in the XRS ACC Receiver. ACC is the perfect link from the ROCXRS Bite Alarm to you.
The pulsating ACC light shows selected by the respective ROCXRS bite indicator the on state and the radio reception by uniformly green pulsating light.
ACC Light gives you peace of mind when you lie in your sleeping bag on your bedchair and in bad weather you do not want to get out to the bite indicator control.
The XRS ACC Receiver is now the complete connection of the ROCXRS Bite Alarm and you!

The new receiver XRS ACC gives the specialized angler the intelligent Bissverlaufserkennung and in addition by ACC the security always to be informed about the radio reception!

- Extreme battery life for the long-term angler. The XRS ACC Receiver allows you to receive the ROC XRS, Catsounder XRS and Campsecure XRS for several weeks to several months!
- Transmission of the pitch adjusted from the ROC XRS / Catsounder XRS Bite Indicator to the XRS ACC Receiver.
- Transmission of the set LED color from the ROC XRS / Catsounder XRS Bite indicator to the XRS ACC receiver. Automatic acquisition of the LED color from the ROC XRS / Catsounder XRS bite indicator and transmission of the color to the respective desired LED on the XRS ACC receiver.
- Increased range of over 300 m thanks to the latest electronic components and software. Trouble-free and Carpsounder always secure radio transmission without noise or extraneous signals.

 On / off energy saving function ESF, for even longer battery life.
- digital 1: 1 transmission
- Black Ice LEDs in transparent black
- Volume adjustment with mute
- increased volume
- Bite detection (Run) via illuminated LED
- Fall bite detection by flashing LED
- LED afterglow time approx. 20 sec
- Battery warning and red flashing LEDs (hourly)
- Vibrating mode switched on / off
- Vibration mode flow in long vibration intervals
- Vibration mode return (drop bite) in short vibration intervals
- Direct bite detection by vibration sound
- Transmission off tone of the ROC XRS / Catsounder XRS Bite Alarm
- Storage of the set radio coding when changing the battery.
- Extremely robust and watertight housing with power screw connection
- Batteries 3 pieces AA (included)
- ACC light (ambience connect control) evenly pulsating, green LED indicating the radio reception and the connection of the respective connected ROC XRS / Catsounder XRS bite indicator. For each selected ROC XRS / Catsounder XRS bite indicator, ACC light will indicate the steady green pulsing light on each LED.
- ACC light can be switched on / off
- ACC light test- in bright daylight, ACC light is visible at the push of a button.

The story behind our ACC light
The impressions of a cold night or the sunrise over your favorite water are a very special moment for carp fishing.
These experiences are long remembered and make our carp fishing heart beat.
These emotions are the basis and the catch of a beautiful carp is the coronation.
This idyll is sometimes disturbed by a problem.
In the middle of the night in cold and rainy weather, you put your rods out again and lie back down in your sleeping bag.
Slowly it gets warm again and then you start thinking about it. Do you have the bite indicator turned on and do you have radio contact?
The new XRS ACC Receiver now gives you just the security with its pulsing ACC light.
You can now recognize the exact radio state via the pleasant, subtle green light on the "Black Ice" LEDs. Watch the "breathing" light and you can fall asleep without having to go out again! ACC is the perfect connection between you and your receiver!

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